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Information about Coronavirus in other languages

The Public Health Agency of Sweden and Sigtuna municipality publish vital information about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in other languages.

Please use the links below to access that information:

Public Health Agency of Sweden

Sigtuna municipality (use the link ”How to translate this information” for instructions)

We care about each other – recommendations in English, Finnish, Somali and Turkish (and Swedish) from Sigtuna municipality

We care about each other – recommendations in Arabic, Tigrinja, Dari and Farsi (and Swedish) from Sigtuna municipality

Krisinformation.se –Emergency information from Swedish authorities in other languages

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)

1177 – Healthcare Guide



You can translate and access all information on our web site – sigtunahem.se – to other languages by using the tool ”Google translate” in the site menu.





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